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Please read your agreement carefully and understand the provisions in this Terms of Service and use all rights and Terms of Use.

Before using the Software, you need to strictly restrict the decision to accept or not accept the Software clause. This term is a legal agreement between you and us in relation to the Software. We will obtain the use of this Software when you accept the terms of this Conditions and comply with the other rights (if any) that authorize you to use this Software.


We put our users' privacy first. Only the personal information obtained from the users through the service is used to identify, contact, check, prevent improper use, promote the smooth use of the service, improve the service, create statistics, and the administrative work required for the service. In addition, we can provide the third parties with the personal information obtained from the users through this service, following the provisions of our privacy policy on the processing of personal information.


We may change the service without notice; stop providing you or general users (temporary or permanently) or service features (including resources); or set use restrictions for the service. We may permanently or temporarily terminate or suspend User access to the Service for any reason without notice and assume any responsibility, including our own determination that you have violated any provision of these Terms of Service, or for no reason. Once terminated for any reason or without reason, you will continue to be bound by this Terms of Service.


We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the service is available to users, but since the service is provided via computer and telecommunications systems, we do not guarantee that the service will always work without any interruption or error, and we assume no responsibility for the interruption or downtime.If we believe that the user uses the Service in violation of the Terms of Service, we may take such measures that it deems necessary and appropriate. However, we are not responsible for correcting or preventing such irregularities.

Updates and notifications

The user acknowledges and agrees that certain devices may be configured to receive updates automatically. If you enable such automatic update features on your device, the updates for this product may be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. Updates can be used to provide features and services (including software, content, and data), and may require you to fully enjoy all the functions of the product or to continue to access and use the product or services. You acknowledge and agree that you may also receive the notice. You can close the notification by going to the device settings. However, this may affect your experience and ability to enjoy all of the features of this product.

Consent and modification

1. Users can only use the Service in accordance with the terms of service. The Service shall not be used unless the User effectively and irrevocably agrees to the Terms of Service.

2. By agreeing to the Terms of Service, each user declares and guarantees that the user reaches the legal adult age in the jurisdiction where the user lives. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a parent or legal guardian of minors aged 13 to their legal adult age may permit the minor to use the Service only under their supervision and may only, if they wish to use the Service. In such a case, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for any acts committed by the minor. If the user uses the Services on behalf of the enterprise or for corporate purposes, the enterprise shall also be deemed to have agreed to the Terms of Service to conclude a valid and irrevocable agreement between us and the commercial enterprise.

3. Through the actual use of the Service, the user is deemed to have been valid and irrevocably agreed to the terms of the Service.

4. We may modify the Terms of Service or separate Terms of Service whenever we consider them necessary, without prior notice to the user. For continued use of the Service after changes to the Terms of Service or the separate Terms of Service, the user is deemed to have been valid and irrevocably agreed to the modified Terms of Service or a separate Terms of Service. Notice of modifying the Terms of Service shall not be provided to the user. It is the responsibility of users to constantly update and view these terms of service to see if any changes occur.

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